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Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing in Renton, Washington is a common finishing technique used for new construction as well as older homes. There are generally six different levels of drywall finishing available, from low level 0 to level 5, and each level has a specific purpose for drywall installation. From an even smooth surface to wall coating and wall texture, drywall finishing can sometimes be a bit more complex than you initially think! This is not surprising when you consider that drywall is actually a compound material comprised of paper, fiberglass, or cellulose. These building materials are combined in varying quantities to create the smooth finished surface you see today.

When working with this combination of materials, the common finishing technique is to first coat the surface with a flat paint or coating, such as latex paint. A drywall finish of this type will prevent the paper from absorbing stains, however, the finish should be applied as a topcoat so that it will remain flat and smooth throughout the installation. After the base coat has been applied, a finishing gypsum board is then added to the project. This gypsum board reduces the risk of blistering and peeling, which occurs most often when flat paint or coatings are applied to unfinished drywall. For further protection, a plastic emulsion is frequently added to the top coat to help provide a non-porous surface.

Finishing drywall finishing techniques vary depending on the type of gypsum board that is being used and the drywall finishing techniques being used. Low-density drywall board is referred to as DDo and is used for insulating panels and trim. This type of board is available in a wide range of thicknesses and is frequently purchased in small square or triangular packages. Building codes in many jurisdictions require drywall contractors and homeowners to use this lower density drywall material. In addition, if there are cracks or openings in the panel, the do-it-yourselfer can use a drywall primer and glue to repair the damage.

When drywall finishing techniques are used on panels that have been built up and oriented, imperfections in the design can often be filled in with drywall finishing joint compound. This compound is applied to the joint between the two drywall panels after they have been cut, and it helps to fill in the areas where the joint was not straightened or even perfectly formed. While some drywall finishing compounds may be used more than once to smooth out these imperfections, others are meant to be applied only to accentuate the beauty of the panel. Regardless, of the type of drywall finishing compound being used, drywall panels that have been built up and oriented will typically require several coats of joint compound to completely fix any imperfection.

For drywall finishing techniques that involve installing individual panels, the most common technique is called level layering. To perform this drywall finishing technique, you need to start by building up each panel as you normally would, using joint compound or drywall primer as you go. The next step is to apply a skim coating of drywall primer to the back and sides of the panels. Once the primer has dried, you can begin to apply the final layer of joint compound, which will be a thin layer of compound over the primer. If the bottom of the panel needs to level off, you can simply use a scraper to scrape away excess compound from the top. When finished, you should have a clean layer of drywall between the panels and the ceiling.

Drywall finishing techniques can be challenging for do-it-yourselfers without some previous experience. Although many experts suggest doing drywall finishing levels one through five, it is not necessary to finish a panel at each level. In fact, most experts recommend that drywall workers complete all five levels in order to get an evenly finished wall. Finishing one panel at a time can save time and money, allowing workers to focus on more important tasks. If you are unsure about which drywall finishing technique you should use on a particular wall, consult your drywall company for expert advice.

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