Drywall Hanging in Renton, WA

Drywall Hanging

The basic concept of drywall hanging in Renton, Washington isn’t hard at all. The idea is to cover wooden or metal studs with layers of drywall sheets. It may be compared a little to shearing out the interior of a house with plywood or any other exterior sheathing board. Of course, the drywall sheets aren’t exactly plywood, but are drywall taping and a type of insulation. You don’t have to do it this way all the time, but drywall installation is usually completed before framing begins on the house. Drywall hanging may also be referred to as dry-jacking or dry-partment. When this construction method is used, you will find that your drywall installation will not only provide adequate protection from the elements but will also save you a lot of money and time because of the time it will take to install it yourself.

In order to complete the drywall hanging process, you will need: two plywood boards (at least 18 inches long), a sheet of gypsum (or cement board), nylon tape, nails, screws, and a drill. You also need to rent or purchase a power drill if you don’t already have one. If you are going to use nails, you will need to borrow or buy some nails or tacks from your local hardware store. You can get them in different lengths and sizes, depending on what project you are doing. If you choose nylock tape, you will also need to rent or purchase some nylon tape. Nail guns are also useful for drywall hanging projects.

After you have all of these materials, you are ready to start estimating drywall installation costs. First, you must calculate the amount of drywall material that you will need. For this figure, you can include the gypsum board and nails you will use. Once you have all of the material costs figured out, you can move on to the actual estimating. To determine the cost of the drywall hanging process, you will need to add the price of the drywall material, nails, and screws together.

The third step involves measuring the space where the drywall will be hung. This includes the width and height of the space. These measurements will help you decide whether or not the drywall butt is overhang or if it is seated properly. If the material costs aren’t enough, you might want to consider purchasing double-sided tape and tack it in place along the wall. This tack can be removed once the drywall is hung and will allow you to cut the drywall if needed.

The last step involves nailing down the drywall butt joints. If you are using drywall screws, you will want to anchor the drywall to the studs using drywall screws or drywall nailing. Nail down the joints as much as possible; however, if the joint is not completely secure, you will have to take apart the drywall to repair the joint. This may mean having to work a bit outside of the home and possibly causing damage to the drywall if you try to work too far in. The joints will be very tight, so it may take several attempts to get them in place and make sure they are completely secure.

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